Mar 26 2013
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Ps3 freezing in lbp karting constantly.

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It freezes at the same spot every time. As soon as the narrator say welcome to littlebigplanet when accessing the track creator on a loading screen. I tried the disc on my other ps3 whose laser I repaired myself and ironically it does not have this issue so i do not believe it is the disc. I've tried deleting game data and dlc data and reinstall and redownload patches but this still occurs. Is my 1st ps3s CPU overheating during the start of the CPU intensive level creator? Should it be sent in for repair or is there any other ideas I can try?
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First Son
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Re: Ps3 freezing in lbp karting constantly.

Apr 4, 2013
I got an update for lbp karting last night that fixed this issue
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