Feb 11 2013
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SOS, problem with my PS3‏ - like YLOD

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I have PS3 Fat 40GB model.


From last week, I am facing problem.
When I press the touch power button, the LED goes red to green, the HDD LED blinks then after few seconds, it shuts down.

The power led goes to red blink after a single beep.

If I do this again and again, the PS3 Do get on and starts working fine.
No problem if I run the PS3 all night.



Please suggest me.

Its out of warranty but un-modded with updated firmware.

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Re: SOS, problem with my PS3‏ - like YLOD

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Feb 11, 2013
It could be your hard drive. Get the system running and backup everything onto sony's cloud server or onto a flash drive/external hard drive.

On the left panel or bottom panel (left as system is laying down, bottom as system is on it's side) there is a panel that opens and gives you access to the hard drive. The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda laptop hard drive (40, 60, or 80gb space) take it out by raising the metal arm and pulling toward you. Unscrew the hard drive from the holding fixture with an eyeglass philipshead screwdriver.

Go to Best Buy and buy a new Seagate Barracuda laptop hard drive. Replace the old hard drive with the new one that you just bought and place the hard drive back into the system. Start the ps3 and format the hard drive to make it so that it has the data structure that the ps3 needs and restore your saved data.

Hope this helps (^_^)
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