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Jul 16 2012
By: foolish_mortal- First Son 1 posts

Simple Question Help: Corrupted file system and game saves

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My dumb brother unplugged my ps3 when i was listening to music and now when i turn it on it says file system is corrupted and give option to restore it and says it will restart automatically. After it loads the screen turns black and just stays like that forever. I tried the whole safe mode thing but it didn't help because it always just says please wait and it loads forever. I didn't try to completly restore everything because i want to know if it is possible for me to some how save my game data and not lose it all, thats all im worried about. but i have a feeling that if i chose to restore everything that wouldn't work either. I need suggestions on what to do please.

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Re: Simple Question Help: Corrupted file system and game saves

Jul 17, 2012

If the problem is just that the file system was corrupted when the PS3 was turned off, then using the Restore PS3 System command from the Safe Menu will fix it, but it will also delete all of your save data.  At this point you really don't have a choice.  If the PS3 was able to recover the file system successfully, then your PS3 would have booted normally by now.  If ithe PS3  can't recover the file system, then your save data is already gone for all practical purposes.  Just go ahead and restore the system. In future, you may want to back up your hard drive before you have a problem.

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