Jul 21 2012
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What is wrong with my ps3

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All of a sudden my ps3 wouldn't allow me to scroll through the menus properly. Every time I click to the right the ps decides to keep going to the left therefore not being able to select anything from the
Menu on the home screen and the same happens when I eventually get a game on. I managed to do a system restore, and the problem is still there as I can't even set the ps to go live again. PleAse can anyone help, or do I need some sort of program to repair? Many thanks
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Re: What is wrong with my ps3

Jul 21, 2012

Hello. Gowbag it seems, based on the information given, it is not your PS3 that is acting up but rather your controller. The PS3, by itself, will not scroll through menus. It requires input from a controller to move. If the controller is bad it will go in one direction or not respond. Either way it is the controller acting up. If you are somewhat savvy in controllers and how they work you could take it apart yourself and fix it. IF you are not I do not recomend this. You will need to get a new controller.


Also is your controller a legitmate Sony Controller? I have heard problems of third party controllers not responding correctly or just being made cheaply. 

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Re: What is wrong with my ps3

Mar 10, 2013
I did that once. Took apart my ps3 controller because I wanted to fix it. Oh I fixed the problem alright... By throwing that one out and buying a new one.
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