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Jul 24 2012
By: Krepta3000 First Son 12 posts

error 80010017 please help

0 replies 362 views Edited Jul 24, 2012
I have downloaded warhammer 40,000 space marines three times, restored the file system from the safe mode recovery console, and I've deactivated and activated the games authorization. I still keep getting this same error. I refuse to reformat my brand new hard drive just to hopefully get only this one game to run, after finally downloading and installing it for a fourth time! All of my other games work just fine. Only this one refuses to start. Either I find a solution other than reformat, or I give up and delete the game. Which would be annoying, but I didn't spend any money to purchase it. I'm a Plus user, so I got it free. No big loss of I can't make it run.
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