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Re: so called "Security update" from a PC guy's prespective

Apr 27, 2010


slo5oh wrote:

I do give Sony credit for 3.30 though. By coming out with that and making it mandatory, they have sent geohot back to the cfw drawing board since 3.2100 isn't going to get it done anymore



I have one word for you... Flash!


You really think Geohot is the issue? He's only famous for unlocking the iPhone. He may be tech savy, but he is no exper on video game consoles. Just like third party developers and game makers, there are communities and developers for the stuff Sony is trying to protect itself from.


I can almost guarantee you will see the PS3 becoming like the PSP within 2010. Don't believe me? Keep this post archived and tell me I'm wrong on Jan 1st

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