Aug 31 2006
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Well, I havent been on in a month or two, and for that I apologize, but whats happened??? I dont want to seem like a stifler or anything, but change sucks... I guess Im going to switch to a new board now... not to be mutinous (is that a word? I meant mutiny, but in a different, well whatever you know what I mean) , but does anybody know any POPULAR boards that are related to gaming, photoshopping, entertainment, etc? any help is much appreciated. and since this is off-topic Ill post something I made to make it seem less off-topic So I guess this is a farewell guys. had a great time on here, made alot of friends. funny how Im switching right before I hit the 1000 post mark hahaha! sorry for rambling. well, heres a random work, lol (itll be my last pic ever posted on the signature scratch- well, nevermind )

Its a before and after photomanip, I call it "Hobomanip"

g'bye guys

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Re: w-w-what?!?!?

Aug 31, 2006
Sorry, but only PlayStation-related creations are allowed to be posted here. Thanks.
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