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Re: Edited messages

Apr 19, 2013

After doing a little digging I've discovered that this error is actually pretty common. In fact it's effected the thread that I used as an example earlier. It's been so long that I had forgotten that the thread is actually older than it states at the top, even with a proper latest edit listed.


Based upon what I've observed to this point I would say that the issue is entirely based upon what Plymco was talking about earlier. When the edit history was wiped in the transition from Jive, it also wiped the original post dates, leaving behind only the date that the post was last edited prior to the transition.


This should not be an issue with any post either not edited prior to the transition or not created prior to the transition. I also don't expect there to be any way to correct the dating error since it's a matter of miscommunication between two very different pieces of software.

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