Aug 30 2006
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Forum Support Rules & Information

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Welcome to the Forum Support board!

The Forum Support board is,intended for board-related technical questions and support issues.,Before asking your question(s), please review the Official Rules of Conduct and the New Users Guide. It's likely that your question may have already been covered in one or both of those documents.

Other helpful links:

We,encourage users to post their questions and feedback on this board.,However, this board is not intended for signature and icon discussion,outside of technical how-to questions ("How do I use a signature?",,"How do I put up a custom icon?" etc.). All threads relating to the,creation of,signatures, icons, and/or graphical design of any kind is prohibited,unless approved by an Administrator (PSX_Cheatster or Patriot).,Additionally, threads and/or messages that contain little to no content,will be considered spam, and will be removed at the sole discretion of,the PlayStation Moderating Team.

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