Jul 10 2013
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Getting a thread stickied...

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Is there a process I have to go through to get a thread floated? Or will someone eventually decide it should be floated and float the thread for me?
Yes, I believe the thread in question has enough merit to a particular board that it should be floated (this).
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Re: Getting a thread stickied...

Jul 10, 2013

I'd suggest sending a message off to SweetPoison. Since GTA5 is an Action/Adventure game it would fall under her team's area.

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Re: Getting a thread stickied...

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Jul 11, 2013

Your thread has been stickied. If you do not get the attention of a Moderator or certain PlayStation MVPs (either by posting a thread like this or sending them a private message) then a thread like the Grand Theft Auto V Information Thread might sit for a very long time before it is stickied or featured in some manner. If you see events, contests, tournaments, reviews, information threads, or guides for any action/adventure video games in the PlayStation Community Forums then don’t hesitate to contact me and point them out. I will see what can be done with them. Alternatively, you can Report Inappropriate Content and request that a thread be stickied. With that being said, it is never guaranteed that a thread will be stickied.

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