Jan 21 2011
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How do I change my email address?

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On the forums, if you click to see my profile (at least if I do) - the email that is listed there is wrong. I'm not talking about AIM or Hotmail, I mean the main email account.

On my full PSN account (ie go to PSN account management and the way I sign in), I've fixed my email but the email on the forums is still incorrect and has been for awhile.

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Re: How do I change my email address?

Jan 21, 2011

not quite sure if you can. You should try contacting Sony Customer support. I do not know of any way to change it trough the online forum interface. In fact i am not even sure if they will change it, unless you seriously fight for it and have a reasanoble arguement.

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Re: How do I change my email address?

Jan 24, 2011


I hate contacting support and I bet that they would'nt even be able to help for the forums.

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