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Re: Proper way to quote?

Apr 23, 2013

This is an example of how I prefer to write when making multiple statements, to multiple people, and multiple topics.


If I'm making a generalized statement either to the OP or the topic as a whole I begin above the quote to indicate that I'm making a broader statement here that doesn't belong within a single quote from the thread. I then make a couple of lines of space between this and the quote to make it clear that this part of my post is not in response to the quote below it.



Speedy24xmax wrote:

Yeah I noticed It automatically puts it at the bottom.


Looks like I was looking alil to much into detail.


Cool so now I know... I mean sometimes I see people write up and then most would write below....


Ill stick to the default way... 

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

It doesn't happen very often, but over the years I have seen quite a number of people write above the quote. Unless the post is formatted like I have above it tends to be bothersome to me.



Tempest_Fire wrote:

GOW71 wrote:

I generally quote then respond.  Unless it is a series of questions I will interject after each question. I have never responded then quoted I don't think.  It's situational and I respond depending on the post and the affect I am trying to have.

I quote then post, to keep context/flow... but in PMs I often post, then quote.  Context is less likely to be lost there and sometimes folks write me verbose messages to make sure their point is understood in one read.  I don't want to make them scan over that again when my answer is usually "sounds good", or "not likely" or "I prefer cheddar".

Tempest, how could you betray me like that!? Everyone knows Parmesan is where all the awesomeness lives. And I mean the real stuff, none of that fake heresy that comes in a can.

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Re: Proper way to quote?

Jul 27, 2013
Here's a quick question, can you quote while using the mobile version of the site?

Is this how?!
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Re: Proper way to quote?

Jul 27, 2013

darkie123 wrote:
Here's a quick question, can you quote while using the mobile version of the site?

I haven't tried but no, from the little I have read it's not possible.




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