Sep 22 2012
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Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

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Are you:-
Having multiplayer problems on your Ps3
Unable to join certain rooms or game lobbies??
Cant speak in head set??
cant hear in headset??
unable to join private games hosted by certain people??
Unable to connect to media servers??
having any other connectivity problems on your PS3

Then you are in the right place:-
Follow this FREE guide and you will fix you PS3

Things you will need:-
1. PlayStation 3 (duh)
2. A Computer
3. A Wireless router
4. few minutes

Basically you are putting your Ps3 in DMZ mode.
First you should know what "DMZ" is and what does it do?
"DMZ" stands for "demilitarized zone". what it basically do is, it opens all your ports and
puts your ps3 over the router firewall!
DMZ has its risks! BUT when a PS3 is put on DMZ its perfectly safe because PS3 cannot execute "executable files a.k.a  .exe" file
but if you put your computer on DMZ it is very very risky!!

okay now lets continue to the guide!

First you need to assign your ps3 a static ip address to do this perform the following steps:-

1. Go to  Settings>Network settings>Internet Connection settings.
2. select "Custom".
3. select "Wireless"
4. Select "Scan" ( after that select your connection and type in you security key)
5. Select "Manual" on IP Address setting
6. in IP Address type in
7. in Subnet Mask type in
8. Default router is the internal IP of your router, to get it head over to your computer
   Click "START"-----CLICK "RUN"-----Type "cmd"(hit Enter)
   Command Prompt will open, Type in "ipconfig" (without comma) and hit Enter
   The IP you need to enter in "Default router" option in PS3 is listed as "Default Gateway" There might be a few different networks
   depending on your computer specifications but your looking for the Ethernet adapter.
9. Type the default router IP in your PS3.
10.Primary DNS is same as Default router
11.Secondary DNS is also same as default router.
12.Set "MTU" to automatic
13.Dont use "proxy server"
14.Enable UPnP if you router supports it(if you get problems while testing the connection, then turn it off and try again.
15.Test the connection.

Now head over to your PC, and load up your internet browser. In the Address Bar, (The place where you put WWW.GOOGLE.COM)
type the IP Address of your router (the one you found using the Command Prompt earlier under "default gateway")

A pop-up will open asking you the user-name and password of your router!
If you haven't changed your user-name or password then enter "administrator" or "admin" as User-name
and type "password" in the password section

(if this fails then then Google your router for the default login, check on your router label or ring your ISP.)

every router interface is unique, what you are looking for is a mention of "DMZ" or "DMZ HOST"
when you have found it you will be asked to type in the ip address of your DMZ host.
in this option enter
then click apply.

Turn off your ps3 and restart your router!!!

Turn your PS3 on.

Congratulations!! your ps3 is now on DMZ mode.

This will hopefully solve all the problems mentions above.
(if you have any problem following the guide, then leave your question in the comments section and i will try my best to answer them) 


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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

Apr 24, 2013
its not working for me I tried everything I have cisco linskys e1000
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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

Apr 24, 2013
DMZ is bad if you have multiple wireless devices connected. DMZ mode is a last resort if the Port Forwarding is not working correctly.
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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

Apr 24, 2013
or, you can get a wired connection by buying wired adapters? did wonders for me
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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

Apr 25, 2013

i would never ever recommend to anyone to ever put a device into DMZ especially if you have any other devices connected..if you set your stuff up properly this would never be needed in any way...



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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

Apr 25, 2013

Forwarding ports is better than DMZ.

DMZ should only be used when NOTHING ELSE works.

Before ever using DMZ, you should forward ports, make sure your router has the most current firmware, reset your modem and router, get a faster service speed, replace your modem (by asking your ISP for a replacement or buy your own), replace your router (they're cheap.... seriously). 

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Re: Fasting up PSN [Putting PS3 in DMZ Mode]

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Apr 25, 2013

DMZ can be dangerous as your basically opening all your ports and leaving yourself open to the digital network.

I suggest you use port forwarding on your router. They have a link that has all the ports you need to forward PSN related.


Here is the link for the ports from PS.

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