Nov 17 2012
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Happy 6th Birthday PS3!

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Today (November 17th, 2012) marks the 6th anniversary of the PS3’s release in North America. For non-gamers, this day means nothing but for us, part of the powerful PlayStation Nation, it is really important. I’m here today to tell you how PS3 changed my life and PlayStation became a part of my life.


Before PS3, I had never owned a PlayStation system (I had a PSP but I’m speaking about home consoles). I had played only a couple of times at a friend’s house and I had a blast each time. But after buying my first PS3, I never looked back.


At the beginning of this generation, I chose to go with the same brand of hardware I usually go with but after some months, I was quite disappointed with the games that were available and the future showed no sign of improvement for this console. Since I’ve been a gamer all my life, I wouldn’t let a single letdown destroy my passion for this hobby. I looked at the other options this generation had to offer and quickly made up my mind: PS3 was the way to go. Since I already owned a PSP, I knew there would be series I already loved and even more to discover.


So, I rushed to the store and bought one (which was bundled with Motorstorm) along with the original Assassin’s Creed. I couldn’t wait to get back home to try this. When I was finally there, I booted it began playing Motorstorm. I was literally stunned at those graphics and the gameplay was awesome, even better than I expected. That’s when my love for the PlayStation brand started.

After 18 months, the worst thing happened: my PS3 died. Since I didn’t have enough money to buy another, I had to wait 6 long months to get a new one. My new PS3 is still doing well, even if I use it every day for several hours. PSN has become a great place to play with my friends (either real or met in online matches) and even my brother when we can’t play face to face.


Now, 6 years, 278 retail games (and countless PSN titles) and over 7,000 trophies (including 77 platinums) later, my love for PlayStation is huge and still growing. Even if a new generation is upon us, I’m pretty sure PS3 still has many great years to live and entertainment to give us.


So, for all you did for me, I'm saying: Thank you PlayStation!


Long Live Play!

Sic Parvis Magna!
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