Oct 30 2013
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I maybe late to the party.... But...

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I just beat the last of us, and I have to say probably the best and most compelling game I've ever played. Along with other cinematic games like heavy rain, metal gear solid 4 and etc....

I'm so happy I sold my crapbox 360 and started playing on my ps3 more. Micro$oft and its xb-owned Will never have the same quality of games Playstation possesses. EVER.

And, I remember hearing a rumor or something that I cant find on google that they are making a new game. Does anyone know what game this is ? Jak and Daxter remake?the last of us 2?
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Re: I maybe late to the party.... But...

Oct 30, 2013



I'm hoping for neither one. I'm hoping for Uncharted 4.

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Re: I maybe late to the party.... But...

Oct 30, 2013
Well Im glad that you liked it.

MGS4 and Heavy Rain were some of the best games of PS3. The very reason I bought a PS3 back in 2007 more or less not long after launch was because MGS4 was coming out for the console. I was just so happy to get that game and I did and play it once in a while like it was a new game everytime.

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