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Re: Journey Collection

Nov 1, 2012

The useful comment are already provided in this thread.

I bought the CE mostly for Journey even though I had already Journey and Flower.

I would not rate Journey as good as it might probably deserve more than excellent but you should be the one to judge for yourself.

The disc is worth its price and you will get something very special for your money.

Journey is more than just a game.

Flower is very nice

flOw is also something very interesting to try and play.

There are some mini games.

You get a bunch of pictures

The music of Journey is also included and I love to listen to the end title song.

You get the music from the other 2 games.

And there is avatars, themes.

Endless hours of pleasure and joy.

... are you still reading ? you should have gone to get it already.


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Re: Journey Collection

Jan 27, 2013

I love how such a simple concept as Journey made such a beautiful game.

Honestly it was a great still is a great game.

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