Nov 19 2012
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My Player Two

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It’s funny when you think about something that can connect two people, that one thing in common where both of you can relate to. My wife and I grew up at different places, surrounded by different people, even living in the same country. And what made us get to know each other and later get married were all the things we have in common. Video-game is one of them.  

In my teenage days, I use to destroy cars with SweetTooth in Twisted Metal still on PlayStation 1 while she did some tricks in Tony Hawk Pro Skater for hours. Years later I bought a PlayStation 3 and kept playing

We finally got married and organized our new house that has three bedrooms. One for us, one became an office and the other, guess what? It’s our gaming room! Actually it’s the place where we spend most of our time at home!

After marriage, things tend to go boring in the grown up life-style, and it’s important that you find something fun to do in your free time. It’s right there, on that peaceful moment after work, where you can really enjoy life. And honestly, what’s better to enjoy life than hours of that game that you and your spouse love? Yep, we have found that something we both enjoy. Together in front of our games, we laugh and have fun, it’s a great time.

We like video games so much that in my last birthday she didn’t give a shirt, shoes or a cologne, she gave me the God of War Collection.

And now we are having a blast playing Little Big Planet 1 and 2. We are playing to get all the trophies and changing our sackperson outfits just for fun (right now we are dressed like a bride and groom to remember our wedding). After finishing the story mode we are enjoying the online community and planning to buy some other nice games we’d like to play together.

Well, the true it’s I have found my eternal Player 2.

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