Nov 18 2012
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My Playstation Story: Sony Holidaze

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Playstation - My First Console


The HoliDAZE always seems to set in for me earlier than most. As soon as the cold weather hits, all I can think about is Christmas. And for me, Christmas means video games, but not all my life. While I was a child, my parents wouldn't allow me to have a video game console until I was in high school. 


I was having the best academic success of my young life during my freshman year and it came time for me to give my parents my Christmas list. I decided I was going to put nothing but the Sony Playstation One on my list. For those young teens, you know that if you don't let people know what you want, you are likely going to be disappointed. 


Christmas came and I was ecstatic to find a PSOne under the tree for me! I still have very clear memories of playing through such classics as Driver, Final Fantasy VII, and the start of a love affair with the Sony consoles. I don't blame my parents from keeping me away from video games, because ever since that fateful day, I have been hooked. So hooked in fact that two of my major successes in life can be attributed to gaming. 


While in college, I was studying History and I had to make a decision on a focus. I had a lot of interest in War history, and so I focused on that, but instead of just the dates and names, I focused on the depiction of war in entertainment. I played a variety of war based video games as well as watched several movies on my PS2 for researching my focus. That focus led to my entire senior research project, which my professor originally told me would be a "weak topic". After reading my final report, he gave me an A and told me my project changed his opinion of video games completely. 


After graduation and joining the working world, I decided I wanted to return to doing research, and looked to video games as a starting point. Over the next few months, I began my own video game blog, and began covering news reviews and walkthroughs. Just about every game I covered was on the PS3, and my coverage got me a lot of welcome attention. The pinnacle of that was getting hired as a freelance video game journalist and being able to cover E3 in 2011. 


I feel blessed to be a gamer and to have found this hobby. Gaming is now a part of my life, and something I'm proud to be associated with. And the console collection all started with the PSOne. 


I have been excited and anxiously anticipating every Christmas in hopes to get my hands on the latest Playstation releases. This year it's Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. 

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