Dec 16 2012
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My life as a gamer :D

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Ahhh, PlayStation oh where to start with you? A question I often ask myself in the later stages of my gaming life as I reminisce over the older generations game back on the PS1 such as Dino Crisis, Crash Team Racing, which by far was a favorite of mine for quite a long portion of my young gaming days and also has creeped back in my current days thanks to the game being available in the PSN store.


Other great games I played back in the PS1 phase were Armor Corps: Insect Armageddon, Spyro the dragon as well as Spyhon filter and countless others which all bring back great gaming days for me. After a few years of enjoying those games and that awesome console my father brought me my first PS2 console for christmas and man I cannot tell you just how excitied I was to play on the new console and enjoy all the great games, better quality graphics and more detailed gameplay that the console brought with it.


First games I played on the console would have been: Tekken Tag Tourament, Burnout 3 Takedown as well as a few of the PS2 version Crash Bandicoot and Spyro series games. Later I got into DBZ once again as Ultimate battle 22 from PS1 got my hopes up for greater games down the line for the new console and I was not disappointed to say the least. Also other games I enjoyed for a while were Naruto, Hitman, Resident Evil, Silent Hill just to name a few as many games on PS2 were great in their own right.


Now present day with the PS3, honestly that was kinda a half and half start when I brought my first 60Gb console from EBGames as I read many articles that said the console could play PS2 games due to backwards compatiablity but what I learnt from the store clerk that they no longer did dashed my hopes Smiley Sad 


However was not entirely discouraged as I still retained my PS2 console just incase but to start on the PS3 my first ever game played would have had to been GTAIV which was a great game to say the least though it seemed kinda famillar from the old Liberty City on PS2. moving on I later brought Haze, COD modern warfare as well as Tom Clancy's Hawx which kinda got me back on my old Ace combat days Smiley Very Happy


Over the years I grew my collection with many of my favorite game series franchises such as COD, RE, DBZ, Demon Souls, NFS to name a few as well as many one off games that deserved a sequel such as Alpha Protocol and Dark Kingdom. Also have been around to see many new changes to gaming as well as my first experience at Trophies... haha now that was amusing as was pretty used to finishing games and that was it and nothing more, but now you got DLC and trophies to obtain so was kinda  a new experience for me at the time.

As far as 2012 goes, was a PSN + member for most of it which was awesome especially with the awesome games you could get for free Smiley Very Happy But also there were low points to this year, especially gaming wise as many great games were released but also many games that were hyped to be great were...well not. Smiley Sad Also have been waiting patiently for the day Sony brings out a chat system that does not require you to leave your game to chat with friends as it does kinda get annoying >_> Just saying...


But anyhow, aside from that am hoping next year will be just as awesome as well as the expectations for the PS4 are just as intriguing to see what happens next in this gaming life of mine Smiley Very Happy


Until then, I like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and happy new year as well as Happy Gaming to you! Smiley Very Happy

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