Feb 02 2013
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Playstation 4 ideas

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All I wanna know is if PS4 will have GG45 Shielded connections? By technology default the video,RAM, and processing power are all going to be amazing. Even down to the look of the system(wishing for some kind of blue led glowing light that can be dimmed and turned off). But we need Compatibility with Cat7a patch cords. I'm using Cat6a shielded now and it's at the limit as far ethernet speed is concerned. We hit the limit in bandwith for consoles that have RJ45 connections. this will put the P$4, lol, on par with the capabilities of PC's or surpassing them which would change the foundation of the central media hub in the home and revolve it around the P$4. Anyone disagree, I thought not!!(just make sure muti-tasking is more muti-capable and the internet browser is more that of a PC.)

Now it comes down to the video graphics card to be able to hadle all the demands the Cat7a cable is requiring. And lastly the Processor better be some crazy piece of work to be in charge of all of the components of a system like this, that would need to sustain superior Gaming like never ever dreamed of.Smiley WinkSmiley Happy


Also the HARD DRIVE has to be SDD and the RAM at least 16GB.Smiley Mad this is non-negotialble!!

The cooling system must be able to keep the machine from overheating with ease. (hopefully it's not loud)Smiley Very HappySmiley Sad ''It probably will be'' Smiley SurprisedMaybe more than one fan that alternate or work in sequence to fully regulate the systems temperature. that aren't as loud might do the trick!Smiley Wink


Newest version bluetooth

Newest version USB and more of them

Ability to read external hard drives for media playback

and built in voltage regulation and filtration would be nice

more WI-FI antennas for better WI-FI connections at longer ranges!

4k video capable with 3d (that might be asking to much)


if any hardcore gamer can tell me what is missing, I'd be happy to hear it.Robot tongue

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