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Jul 13 2012
By: JeliraWesker2012 First Son 18 posts

Playstation Network: XMB Settings?

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Oky, so i'm not exactly sure where to put this... 

I figured this was the best place, I dunno...

Anyways, here goes...

System, Settings, Remote Play Settings, Register Dvice... 

This puzzles me, cause there is mentioned of a PC Device Registration...

Can anyone tell me how this is implimented into the PS3? How does this work? 
Most of all, what does having a PC Registered allow you to do with the PC & PS3...

More importantly, how do you Register your PC to work with the PS3?

Please Help? 

I originally thought this was only for PSP, PSP Go, & PS Vita Devices, but would have never thought a PC, oO 

Hahahaaaa... So ya, any Help would be nice, xD!

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Re: Playstation Network: XMB Settings?

Jul 13, 2012

You can use the PC as a Media Server in which to stream material like music & videos from your PC to your PS3 using the Media Server, chekc this link it may help explain it a little more.

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