Aug 04 2013
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Question about Plus Code

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I have never sign up for Playstation Plus before so I'm eager to try it out.


Yesterday, I bought a limited edition of The Last of Us, and they gave me this 30 Days Trial Code. When I input the codes, it's said that I NEED to have a credit card to redeem this code eventhough it was given to me for free.


I'm not a Credit Card type of guy, I'm a Cash-in-hand type of guy, so I guess I this card would be useless for me. However, I heard that you ONLY need Credit Card to redeem the 30 Days Trial Codes, not the 3 months and 1 year code. Is it true? Because I'm planning to use Plus, and got myself a 1 year code, without using the credit card. Please help me.


Also, If anyone interest in the useless 30 Days Trial Code that I can't redeem, I will give it for free via mail, and no, it's not a contest, I will be giving it to my friends on this forum here or people with nice reply Smiley Happy

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Re: Question about Plus Code

Aug 4, 2013

The three month and one year subscription codes do not require a credit card.

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Re: Question about Plus Code

Aug 4, 2013
You wont need a credit card if you buy it with a pre-paid card
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