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Socom- A close knit Community

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Socom Franchise


Socom was the first online game for a home console that showed a lot of people

that it was possible to communicate and form a community within a game.


Features such as lobbies, push to talk, and single life rounds in the game seem archaic

compared to today's standards. (ie quick match, open mics, respawn)

But these features are what made the community so special.


We had time to talk, not only about the game, but about life and everything under

the sun. We had time in the lobby rooms, and time when we were dead to get to

know the people we played with.  With the push to talk we did not have a bunch

of garble from background noise. With the lobby's we knew where we could go to

play with friends, and to meet up with others that we would rather shoot or talk

trash to. People knew where to find you if they wanted a clan war.  Or just

some good friendly competition.


There are lots of personal stories that go along with such a community.

In a series that is only 10 years old most us have come to form

friendships and more that will last us a lifetime.


My psn friend list is full. 100 people all but a hand full are from Socom.

Tons of them are on my facebook, some clanmates I text/call, and when

I want to relax, or blow off steam with friends w/o hitting my wallet

up I know where to go.


Personally I have known people in the game who sadly are no longer with

us in this crazy journey of life.  I had another clanmate that was from Japan

that did not speak alot of english, and sadly I have not seen him online since

the tsunami hit, I can only hope he is doing ok.


I have met a few of my clanmates in real life that live halfway across

the country.  ( And I will tell you this, meeting someone that is a big

dude with tattoos, riding a Harley, and working as a bar tender was not

the type of person I usually hung out with but I consider this person a

good friend today.)


I met my girlfriend of 3 years on Socom. Traveled from Va. to Ca. to meet and we now

live together.  Maybe some day I'll have a wedding and see how many of

our friends from the game can come.


A game that was designed from the ground up as a competitive tactical game.

The only game where I have had people tell me it gets their blood

pumping. A game where many have formed bonds that will last a lifetime.


A game full of memories of glory and of many many many controllers thrown across

the room. I will never forget the first person to get the honor of making me throw one,

his name was Cpt. Howdy.  He was hiding in the bushes as a Seal on Death Trap

and shooting me through the overlooks.


A game I feel has been neglected because of technical bugs and people

trying to take it to the main stream audience in it's 2 ps3 debuts.


It saddens me greatly that such a series has been set by the wayside.


I could spend all day talking about what I want to see happen with the

series. That is not what this article is for though, so I am going to

say good day to you folks and hop on Confrontation for my daily fix.


Yours Truly,

Ihova-, the one that just keeps on coming.....





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