Nov 10 2012
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Sony helped me hanging on.

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I remember playing video games when I was first five years old. I recall my parents walikng around through an electronics store when I happen to say the display for Sony's Platstation (1). I recall the display featuring a Toy Story game that looked to be the demo of it for the public to play with. To my own suprise at that time, my parent let me have it when I asked for it at that location. 


Soon after getting my first Playstation, my parents got me some games in Christmas time. We couldn't afford a lot. But memories of Crash Bandicoot, Spiderman, and Tarzan filled my days. And even when I finished those, my parents would still rent some more from Blockbuster. Those were the times.


A few years before the Playstation 3 came out, my Grandfather bought me the Playstation 2. I was overjoyed to play something like it. At that time, I didn't fit in well with other kids at school. But saying how I had my own Playstation 2 made me had more confidence at the time. I remember being obsesed with Kingdom Hearts at the time. I literally played hundreds of hours on that game and kept asking my parts to by the sequel for it on our Playstation 2. 


And then the day came when the Playstation 3 came to my home. I was suprised that my parents could actually afford it. When I first used it, it was technology that I've never experianced. A few months later, my parents suprised me with internet access for my PS3 and I joined the playstation network. It was a huge turn in my life.


While that was happening at home, school was a difference for me. I was constantly bullied and it made me so depressed. I remembered kids in high school harrassing me and kept making me feel like a pile of garbage. It really tooked its toll on me to this day. 


Whenever I came home from the horrors of public school, I would try to relax and enjoy my PS3. It was probably the only thing that kept my mind off of school. From saving the universe in Rachet and Clank to expanding my imagination in LittleBigPlantet, it really helped me keep my mind off of things and helped kept me calm. 


Video games was probably my only life in my childhood. It helped me go through all of the troubles that I had in school. I still remain depressed and scarred from the past. Yet, video games helped me go through life until I was able to get help from counceling. I wouldn't be in my senior year in high school now if video games pushed my through everything. 


Thank you Sony.

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