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Nov 11 2012
By: Foxxtrot05 Monster Hunter 39 posts

Thanks for the Memories

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When I was in elementary school, my best friend and I were hardcore Playstation fans. Any time we would get a new game we would come into school with stories and then play them together over the weekends. I specifically remember having us all-nighters with Crash Team Racing, Jak and Daxter, and Spyro. We were an unstoppable team, perfecting the art of many games. It didn't matter if the game had multiplayer or not, we were constantly handing off the controller and rooting eachother on. These were some of the happiest times of my life and many years later I still remember them vividly.


One day I came into school telling him about my newest game purchase, Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Spring Break was coming up and he wasn't able to come over and play for another week, but he promised we would beat the game together when he could. We never did. On a trip to a waterfall with his family he was climbing up the side on some rocks. He was always a climber. I don't know all of the details, and honestly I don't want to, but somehow he slipped and fell into the water and rocks below. His dad jumped after him but he had already hit the bottom. He was in the hospital under critical condition for about a week, but there was nothing the doctors could do. I miss him all the time, and I wish more than anything that I could see him one last time or play one last game with him. Playstation broght us together and Playstation got me through his death. No game experience will ever rival the fun we had as kids for me. So all I have to say is, thanks for the memories.

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First Son
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Re: Thanks for the Memories

Nov 13, 2012
sorry for your loss. games keep the peace. :}
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