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Nov 08 2012
By: natashab93 First Son 8 posts

The Hard Time That Turned Into The Best Time

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Hey this is not a rant its just letting playstation know whats been going on and we want to let you guys know that no matter what problems we have that we would never leave Playstation. Well let me start by saying that in 2011 right after the Portal 2 release, me and my dad Darthbizkit93 started having issues when the hack was over and we finally got our profiles back but they were switched and couldn't get into our profile well that wasn't the main problem after I called Sony and fixed my problem with my profile everything was fine but we had stopped playing for about 8 or 9 months and when we came back Darthbizkit93 started having really bad glitches in all his games but my profile would work fine. He still has issues currently but he has a hard time talking to people on the phone because of anxiety. We currently are trying to level up our profiles and are extremely excited about new Platinum trophies that we have not gotten before and we are extremely happy that Sony gives back to their customers so we are 200% loyal to Playstation because of everything. Darthbizkit93 will get his Playstation Plus back when he gets paid so we wanted to let you guys know our story.  

Sincerely, natashab93 and Darthbizkit93

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First Son
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Re: The Hard Time That Turned Into The Best Time

Nov 13, 2012
my first playstation console psvita, proud owner:}
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