Jul 01 2012
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Those who play together, stay together.

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Going into high school I was hard for me. I had very little friends. Instead of spending time with friends I would began to raise money to buy my Playstation 3 upon launch. I saved up for a year until the day finally came.

When I got my PS3 I had very little games. One of my first was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. One day In my class I heard some people talking about playing the game online. I built up the courage to go up and talk to them about it. I was in luck, they were fellow PS3 owners. We swapped account names and met later that night online.

We began to play more together and we became the best of friends in real life. We brought more people in into our little Playstation group and over the years our group grew in numbers and in friendship.

Then came the day we all graduated and went to college. But our late night seasions kept our friendships strong. And when summer came it felt like nothing has changed.

Thank you Playstation 3 for giving me the best friends this guy could ever ask for.

PRP| for life.
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Re: Those who play together, stay together.

Jul 15, 2012

its funny, video gaming is a universal language to people. we all grow up with them, and when you find the people that played the same games as you and had those passions, you have an instant bond. good for you

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