May 22 2013
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vita memory/account question

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My girl bought me a PlayStation vita while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I've been playing with the thing for the last 7 months, logged hundreds of hours into my games, but now that I'm coming home (and have internet access for the first time) I noticed that she set it up under a totally different PSN account from my PS3. I can't figure out how to switch the accounts now. If I do, will I loose all the work I put into my games? Will having 2 accounts screw me out of Cross-buy deals? On a scale of one to ten how completely boned am I?
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Re: vita memory/account question

May 22, 2013


You're saying the account you've been playing on (your Vita) isn't the same account as in different user name then your PS3, right? If that's right then yes, you won't be able to access your existing content from your Vita account since it is a different user name.


All you do is go on the PS3, and turn it on. Depending on the PS3 settings, you'll find where it says "Create New User" on the left side of the XMB UI.


Click that and just choose Existing PSN user name. Log in with the Vita account and there is your Vita account on your PS3.


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