May 02 2013
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Can We Get An ACORN PARK Guide Soon?

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I love the park space. It's really huge and theres plenty of room to do pretty much anything you wanted. This park makes for a new "hangout spot" and is a welcome, yet long overdue addition to Home. BUT....


There is a lot to do there. There is a points system that uses XP to level up and there are a series of challenges that allocates these points to you, accordingly. There is also a series of rewards you can get from the space, upon completing the challenges. But who has time to figure all that out and compile it all into a neat little GUIDE? I dont, LOL. 


So if someone out there, who has the spare time and wouldnt mind...throw together a little guide on this space detailing the challenges, rewards, races, Leveling and rank structure, dog walking mini quests, concession stand quests, its not so confusing and complicated to figure out for myself and others. TY in advance, to anyone who actually takes the time to do this. I know I as well as others would appreciate it.  ^_^


BTW, I think the park would look great with real time dynamic lighting effects; ie sunset, night time, sunrise, afternoon. Even weather effects such as rain, snow, autumn leaves, even thunderstorms with lightening....these would all further improve upon the space and its atmosphere. Here's hoping this space sees MANY, many more updates, in the near future. I love the park!

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Re: Can We Get An ACORN PARK Guide Soon?

May 2, 2013

That's a good idea. I really like the space & am leveling up pretty good imo. I will add tips & any info I've learned to  a guide on the space but lol my posts & threads seem to get over looked often. I'll let someone w/ a more popular name make the thread. Tho if anyone needs any tips or questions I'll be happy to answer them till one is created.

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Re: Can We Get An ACORN PARK Guide Soon?

May 2, 2013
I'm a little behind on this myself since I worked yesterday. Not to put her on the spot, but it appears Jo has been updating the OP of her thread as information comes in.
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