Feb 27 2012
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Sexy Clothing Options

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I noticed in my travels about Home a trend in what alot of women wear on Home who frequent the Bowling Alley or the Playground. They tend to wear mini skirts, mid drift shirts, big heels and bling. I would suggest more  of these types of clothing in all types of colors especially ones that match their chat settings. Here is an example of what types of clothing I'm talking about. Look at club wear and the shoes and boots especially for your design ideas.

Bling is expensive on Home and these women are your target market. Do put animated bling on boots. They love designer bling glasses as well so don't forget more of those in more colors. I would suggest clothes that have the option to change into five different colors or patterns. Are wardrobes are getting over loaded. I would rather buy an item I can change the colors on than buying five different colors of the same item and trying to search for them for over 20 minutes. The wardrobe I think should be able to search by color as well. So I should be able to type blue skirt and only all the blue skirts will pop up instead of searching 20 minutes and crashing for a blue skirt that finally goes with my outfit. I mean developers make clothes but I forget they are there because I can't find them. This is a big problem.

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Re: Sexy Clothing Options

Feb 27, 2012

Here is an example of thigh high boots that they would wear to fam parties.

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