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Apr 17 2013
By: BIG-BAD-213 First Son 4 posts

Freezing cod tv's

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Every time I watch any movies on crackle me and whoevers watching freeze.... Oh by the way it seems like the freezing is worsing than getting better..... COD TV'S IS ONLY ME??? Ive bottim the 240 n 60 in and both feeeze annoying waste of money when all im trying to so is pimp out my space.....;(
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Re: Freezing cod tv's

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Apr 17, 2013

Other people are having the same issue. Even yours truly. A Moderator will move this to an existing discussion (Loot EOD Locks Up System).


As for COD TV, you may want to post the issue in Call of Duty Series. Or you can contact Activision by using any of the contact points (email, phone number) on the game's case or manual.

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Re: Freezing cod tv's

Apr 17, 2013

Hi there!


Indeed, as Conrad_Max has kindly pointed out, there is an exisiting thread we are consolidating feedback in regarding this issue.  As such, we will be closing this thread to help keep everything as organized as possible.  Please feel free to add your thoughts in the exisiting thread, found here:



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