Nov 01 2012
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It's A New Month and I Already Froze

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ITS A New Month And  I Already Froze 3 times this morning.  Had to go Thorugh that Reparing HDD CACHE  Screen  Already.  Sony when   are u going to fix this ???  the first 2 times i froze i wasnt even in  a public space i was in my own personal space . I Was in store in my Own apartment i froze. this last time i happened to go in bowling alley i froze.   is anyone else  freezing this morning ??? This is  really ridiclous.   i cleaned my cache last night and the 1st time i froze. its not that and its not my internet connection cause im using wired now. its your end Sony.  Fix This Already.  ME And many other people have spent too much on money and we are getting tired of this Freezing Already

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Re: It's A New Month and I Already Froze

Nov 1, 2012
Hey there SnowHood. Lets try and refrain from creating new threads days apart on the exact same topic. :smileyhappy: If you are having the same issues, bump your old thread with new information. Thanks! Discussion will be continued here:


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