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Feb 18 2013
By: WhitePretender First Son 2 posts

3 PS3 Systems Owned By A Non-Profit Mission Unable To Use All Three Due To 2 Limited Activations

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I am an employee of a non-profit missonary organization. My job is in Youth Ministry and i made some investments of which now are restricted due to the updated rules. I have three PS3 systems of which are used for outreach in the community( bringing young guys together through video games, then following up with mentoring them on how to be men of God). One of our most recent purchases was in the Black Ops2 and Black Ops2 Season pass. To our disapointment only two of the devices were able to be used, leaving the third system relativly usless. I love playstation, i have owned the first, second personally and now i refered to my boss that we should get a few PS3's. I look scornfully at Xbox and refuse to play it. I want to continue to use these systems, however it is becoming harder to do so. 

 Like i said, i made an investment into these guys through your company, now we will be limited on how many people that can come and play for a night or two a month. If i had known the restriction that allowed only 2 systesms to be activated i would have rethought things and would have looked elsewhere.


 I feel as it is a bit unfair to have a third of our investment prove relativly usless. Again, being loyal customers who do make continued purchases through the PSN is, quite frankly, rediculous. We have not breached any of the previous rules, according to my understanding, because it was bought by an organization used for a specific purpose. It is not shared with other people besides them coming over, under our supervision, and playing for a couple hours. Only one Person(organization) is using it.

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Re: 3 PS3 Systems Owned By A Non-Profit Mission Unable To Use All Three Due To 2 Limited Activations

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Feb 18, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


Although I have some sympathy for your position this was done to protect Sony & the game developers, it was also done because so many were game-sharing, something that is not allowed, the few bad apples ruined it for the rest, so although frustrating for many users who do have more than two PS3's like you this sitution won't change.


You can either return the 3rd PS3 or create another account for it.


P.S. I'm curious, how does having young people play BO help turn them into 'men of God?



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Re: 3 PS3 Systems Owned By A Non-Profit Mission Unable To Use All Three Due To 2 Limited Activations

Feb 18, 2013

I feel that it is safe to say that most christians today are going about making disciples the wrong way. Im not nessisarily saying that this is the ideal, but it is a new approach that has shown progress. Black Ops 2 is more or less the gateway, it isnt the actual game that is building relationships, it is what id discussed before, during, and afterwards. Another program we have is Airsoft, which is similar. It isnt the game that is changing them, it is discussions before, during, and after the activity.


 We have measured the success of it based off of their grades, attitudes, and the perspective of people around them. Most of them were getting F's and D's, however after being under our influence for just a couple months most of them are getting C's, B's, and even A's consistently. Two of them tried out for sports that they otherwise were not able to before due to grades and getting in trouble. Another has joined the national guard. The rest of them are simply gaining integrity. One problem with this area is teen pregnancies outside of wedlock and it is seriously hurting the community due to either the mother or father not being active in the home.


 All in all, i agree it sounds a bit far fetched to start training boys to become men through CoD, but it is working. Before and after 'pictures'  show a considerable change so far. I understand this was a branch off from the original topic, but valid nonetheless due to the nature of my original statement. Fact is, PSN made a **bleep** move and now we are forced to look elsewere. I will not be sinking double the money into things simply because they want to better protect themselves. It is a shame, but it is what it is i guess.

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Re: 3 PS3 Systems Owned By A Non-Profit Mission Unable To Use All Three Due To 2 Limited Activations

Feb 19, 2013

While it is an interesting approach to youth ministry, you should have read the System software license terms first.  The PS3 System software is licensed for personal and family use only.  Commercial and institutional use of the PS3 is not permitted unless Sony specifically authorizes it, even if you are only using games on disk; which is why the activation limit isn't considered a problem by Sony. BRIT-KO is correct that the restriction is primarily intended to control prohibited sharing of games between different PS3 owners, but Sony has separate issues with the kind of thing that you are doing which have nothing to do with the Playstation Store. You can't just buy a bunch of PS3s in a store and set up a Playstation cafe, for example.  At least you can't do that it most countries where the PS3 is marketed by Sony.  I was at the public library in Fairfield, CT recently; and noted that their teen room has an XBox 360 and a Wii, but no PS3.  They must have read the license.

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