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Re: Need to speak with a moderator

May 31, 2013

I understand your frustration, but as mentioned the Moderators here do not have the power to ban your console.  I don't know if when banning a console itself that SONY also bans the account that was active on it, so if you did get a new system you may be able to sign in with your PSN ID and have everything follow.  Maybe someone with more knowledge can weigh in on that.


Banning is done by SONY itself - so you were misinformed if they told you to come here.  Sorry and hope things work out for you.

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Re: Need to speak with a moderator

May 31, 2013

Thanatos5287 wrote:

 to claim im running pirate software is jus crazy. sending in the system would prove im not. 

I already explained how Sony could have come to believe that you were running unauthorized software, even if you were not.  Sending your console in will not prove anything.  That only shows that you are not running unauthorized System software now.  There is nothing on the console hardware that would prove that you were not running unauthorized System software sometime in the past.  My suggestion is that you contact customer support, explain that you believe that your console's encryption key may have been used by another console running unauthorized System software, and ask that Sony compare the IP ranges addresses that the console has used, or the MAC address (if they have a record of that) to see if they are consistent.  That could prove that multiple consoles have been using the same encryption key.  Sony has no obligation to undertake such an investigation, and may not choose to do so; but at least it is a new avenue of discussion.  Perhaps if you can establish a reasonable doubt, you might get your account ban converted to a suspension. 

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