Nov 05 2012
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Okami HD sharing problem

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Hi sony staff and members.


I just bought Okami HD download version, and it says clearly in the game description, on PSN, that it can be shared by ONE EXTRA PS3 system, besides my own PS3. I unserstand this means (I hope) that the game may be downloaded by the buyer, and ANOTHER PS3 system. The problem is: when my friend (who I share my account with) tries to download it, a message appears saying that the game has already been activated on 2 PS3 systems! But I was the only one who downloaded it!!! This is a shame, for I bought the game legally AND it says on the game's sharing policy description that 2 systems may download it!!!! I want this problem solved, or, at least, SONY could refund me, because I am being fooled here....


just wanted to say that the EXACTLY SAME problem occurs with the downloadable version of CHRONO CROSS, AND I have bought several playstation one games that do not show the same sharing problem.

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Re: Okami HD sharing problem

Nov 5, 2012
Well first off, you must have another PS3 besides yours and your friend's activated.on your account.

Second, gamesharing is only for using content on consoles that you own, not for sharing games with friends. You agreed to as much when you signed up for the PSN.

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Re: Okami HD sharing problem

Nov 7, 2012

Well, concerning the "first": I DO have only one more system activated on my account, BUT I know this system did not request any downloads on my account recently, and I just bought Okami HD.


Concerning the "second one": You are absolutely right. But: that does not change my problem at all, does it? In fact, even if I DID own three PS3 systems, I would still have the very same problem, because, as said before, I only downloaded the game with ONE system (my own, in this case)!!

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