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Nov 20 2012
By: RTLM First Son 3 posts

PS Store unable to update and COD:BO2 wont update.

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I was able to do a system update via the internet to 4.31 without any problems but after that update I am unable to update the playstation store or update any of the games ive played before. It keeps telling me its a internet problem (error code 80710092) but how am I able to access the internet via the browser on the PS3 but not able to update my software. Any help or tips would be appreciated.



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First Son
Registered: 11/28/2012
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Re: PS Store unable to update and COD:BO2 wont update.

Nov 28, 2012
Same deal here. Actually, I have never been able to get game updates. My Netflix update took 6 months of trying and freezing up before it worked. System updates seem to come through ok and movie and game downloads have always been fine. It is not my connection. It's only game updates that haven't worked in the past. Downloads would start and then stop at some random percentage and never finish. I always have to cancel out of the update. But now that the problem is happening with the store maybe Sony will finally pay attention and fix the downloads issues everyone has. Cause until the store works again, I'll be renting movies from my cable provider and buying games for my other consoles. Shot yourself in the foot ... 'again' Sony!
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