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Feb 04 2013
By: XxSweetRevengexX First Son 11 posts

PSN not accepting VISA Debit Cards?

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Hi, my aunt gave me 3 Visa Debit gift cards from target as a gift for christmas. Now that Playstation Plus is buy one year, get 3 months free, I want to use them to buy my membership; however, I can not add the funds from these cards to my account. It states that the card information is not correct. It asks for billing adress, etc, but obviously the card does not have one.


Do I need to go online somewhere to 'activate' it for online purchases? Or is there any way to avoid having to do this. I have googled it several times and I can not find an answer.


Thanks for any help you provide.

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First Son
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Re: PSN not accepting VISA Debit Cards?

Feb 5, 2013

nvm, called the card service, can't use it


nice one psn... very usefull

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