Nov 28 2012
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Password Changing

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I have been trying to change my password on my other account for TWO days now. Every time I send myself the email it doesn't appear in my inbox. Then when I call PSN a few hours later for support they tell me I have to wait twenty four hours to try it again. Are you serious? I've never had so much trouble in trying to change a goddamn password before. Seriously. PSN, you have the worst support team ever. You seriously can't figure out a way to help to change my password when I call or at least let me send myself the link until it appears. I don't care if I've tried it too many times, I've tried it too many times because it doesn't APPEAR. Two days and now I have to wait another twenty four hours. Three days to change a **bleep** password. Ridiculous. 

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Re: Password Changing

Nov 28, 2012

You may have done so already, but often people forget to check their "Junk Mail" folder.

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