Mar 15 2013
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Playstation store not allowing downloads?

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I just purchased some song packs for Singstar, and while it took my money, says I purchased them, I can't download them. It won't even start. I haven't found anything about an outage or downtime, and I was wondering what was going on. Does anyone know of any recent issues? I just downloaded a large mass effect 3 dlc yesterday, and I have no problems connecting to the internet, so it doesn't seem to be on my end.
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Re: Playstation store not allowing downloads?

Mar 15, 2013

you only payed for the unlock.

The content Must be downloaded in the Singstar game, if your not going to read the instructions. You are going to feel like you got burned...

Load the game, go to the singstar store and My purchased music and download... All the tracks you have paid for... 


"To download this product, you must own a PlayStation®3 SingStar® game. After purchasing please load your SingStar® game and go to the SingStore® to complete the download process....."


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