Jun 22 2013
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Report a user

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I was playing Payday: The heist when a certain player **bleep** asked to gameshare.  I harshly responded because I hate gamesharers, "No **bleep** off".  He then started to say he just gameshared to get this game and wanted the new DLC.  He said and I quote, "... I've gameshared with a friend I met online to get this game :smileytongue: and I simply want the DLC."  I would like to report this player.




Edit: Removed blacklisted username and profanity.



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Re: Report a user

Jun 22, 2013

Please refrain from blacklisting users on this community.


To report an user follow the link below.

|At the bottom under "What is the nature of your comment?" select "Complain"

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