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Mar 15 2013
By: lonewolfcherno First Son 16 posts

Slow down loads

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For several days I have been having very slow downloads of game media off of the playstation store. Streaming movies seems fine but game trailers are taking forever. Anybody else having issues? Any ideas?

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Keyblade Wielder
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Re: Slow down loads

Mar 15, 2013

I had the same issue last week. It will start the trailer then stop.... and take forever.  Which I find off as it's a trailer, it should just play right?  It's not my internet I know that.


I resorted to just downloading the game trailers I really wanted to see and that goes quicker than waiting to watch it buffer from the immediate selection.  Is this how it should be done? Not in my opinion.  But it could be a temporary soluction to your issue as it was for me.

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