Feb 05 2013
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Thieves in Time Pre-Order Stuff

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Okay, so after the pre-order bonuses for Sly 4 were announced, I jumped out of my seat to preorder it. Specifically, I saw them from this page.


There was a pre-order button right on that page, so I pre-ordered it from Best Buy, since EB Games/Gamestop has messed up my pre-orders 4 times so far in the past few months (2 copies of LBP Vita, 2 Copies of PS All-Stars).


Today I pick up the game and surprise! It was a Gamestop exclusive pre-order bonus. Now... Why give a link to pre-order from Best Buy after telling me about the pre-order DLC if you can't even get those from Best Buy? Store-exclusive DLC is stupid to begin with, but when you don't even mention it on the game's official web page, that's not fair! :smileysad:


Now it's too late to go to EB Games since I already have the game opened from Best Buy, so is there anything I should do? Or should I just not bother preordering altogether from now on since it never seems to help with anything anyway?


(Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this)

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