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Apr 17 2013
By: ProSniper2147 First Son 2 posts

Why cant i redeem my PSN card!

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When I go to redeem my psn card, it says I have either put it in wrong or it has already been used. I just bought it and it wont work. Is it related to the scedualed maintenence? Please reply, I bought $120 and I do not want to lose that $120.

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Re: Why cant i redeem my PSN card!

Apr 17, 2013

You might call SONY and ask them if the code is valid, or if it's been used then when it was used.


Assuming you still have the receipt for the PSN card then your other option is to go back to the store where you bought it and have them check to see if they activated the card properly.


Curious - is it one card for $120?  I've only seen $50 and $20 denomination cards, but never looked around more than that.

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Re: Why cant i redeem my PSN card!

Apr 17, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community Forum.


What a coincidence!  This issue is what brought me to the Forum to begin with.  I must say, you have made a better first impression with this topic than I did.:smileyembarrassed:


Definitely call Sony to verify if the Card is 1. Active, and 2. Already been used.  Unfortunately, this will be the extent of how they can help you.  If the card has already been redeemed, you will have to go back to the Store you purchased it from and get another one.  If you have the receipt and the Store is understanding (not jerks), you should not have an issue.


It is in the Terms of the PSN, Sony does not back PSN Cards.  It is on the Vendors who sell the cards, to settle any disputes about the value, validity, and redemption of the cards.


Was the card unmarked when you bought it.  i.e., not scratched off or altered in any way?


Again, this happened to me, so I can understand your frustration.  If it (by calling Sony to verify) is not redeemed and is active, then it may have something to do with the Store issue.  Doubtful though.


Contacts for Sony are on the following link:


You can also try the online chat, if it is open, linked in my signature VVVVV.


I wish you luck.



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Re: Why cant i redeem my PSN card!

Apr 17, 2013

It was likely sue to the scheduled maintenance. Morgan posted at 10:10 am PST that the maintenance has offically ended. So give it a try again.

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