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Sep 29 2013
By: Spike-123_ First Son 2 posts

Bricked PS Pulse Headset?! PLEASE HELP!

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The other day I was playing GTA 5 with my Pulse on and it told me that it was running low so I unplugged the dongle and put in the USB, which then flashed up saying "The maximum amount of power that can be supplied to the usb devices has been reached. Please remove at least one device." and somewhat bricked my PS Pulse. After searching through several forums and stuff I found people with the same type of issues as me but not the exact same. I did come across something saying I should reset my Pulse by leaving it on for 2-3 days to discharge it then connect it the the Pulse Manager app and I think I also fixed the maximum amount of power to USB device issue by removing wireless devices that could have interferred. But it says " Choose the "Factory Default" option and press X" in the Pulse Manager App and I can't manage to do that, whenever I click to do Factory Default, it says "Headset not ready: Connect the headset." I am COMPLETELY clueless, I've tried mulitple working USB cables to test if they are the problem and no changes. This is the second Pulse I've owned and I loved my first one so much I bought a second when it broke. I hope this hasn't broken, because I'll give up and won't buy a third one if it is. 

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