Apr 03 2014
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Gold Wireless headset connection problems

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I had bought the gold wireless headphones recently for my PS4, (2 days after the release of Infamous second son, the 23rd) and aside from the cryptic setup, I had been enjoying them very much, they were working like a dream, no intereference with the dualshock 4, or any other of my wireless devices. I thought it was surely worth the $100 I had paid for them...but that all ended 2 days ago. It was on the 1st of April, when, I guess fate decided to play a cruel joke on me. I had the day off, so I figured I would play infamous, i had turned the headset on, heard the familiar beeping, but to my sound, and at that, the user screen never came up to assign the headphones to a user...but both blue lights on the adapter and headset are solid, so **bleep**? I had reset them successfully as the manual had said, then again, and again, but, same problem, I had tried also to see if the headset would plug into the system itself, no red light ever came on to identify it was charging... I know it is not the usb ports, because my controller and phone are both charging on the system now. So by this point I am unbelievably **bleep**, does any one have an answer to this? These are one of the best headsets I've ever got, and I don't want to exchange them if they do this. Plz someone help.

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