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Apr 09 2014
By: BeerBaron0192 First Son 4 posts

New PS3 controllers that won't wall charge

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I have a red ps3 controller that charges perfectly using the ps3 charge cable plugged into a ps3 dual usb wall charger. Everything has always been fine until I bought a new ps3 in November of 2012. I traded in my old system with a blue controller that also charged fine. The new black controller does not charge in the wall like my red or blue one. Usually I just plug it in at night, the lights blink while its charging and they stop when its done. I just thought I got a dud or something and ignored it because it was going to be my backup anyway. Recently I bought a brand new camo color ps3 controller hoping to make it my new primary one but when I plugged it in the first time it too did charge just like the black one. I was wondering if maybe newer controllers removed the feature that allows them to wall charge or something. It can't be a coincidence that these are both duds. I have a 6ft 3rd party cable that I can use to plug into the system but it doesn't work very well. My previous technique was great and now I don't know what to do.

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