Mar 31 2011
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Ps3 Wireless Controller interference

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Hi everyone,

I have a Ps3 slim on which I play Fifa 11. My problem is that at my home I always get a slower response from the controller than at my brothers home. It just lags a lot and basically makes the game unplayable (online and offline). The problem is not my internet connection since I have a better one than my brothers'. I went with my PS at his home and all the problems disappeared, came back at here we go again. I tried different wireless controllers and not working either.

I tried so far:

1. Ps2 controller wired with adapter. Result: works better than dualshock 3 but since it is Ps2 it has some other issues like sending unpressed buttons

2. Plugging the PS3 wireless controller into USB. Result: the signal is still sent over bluetooth and I get the same lag. When I had my brother's fat PS3 at my home for testing (which BTW has gives the same lag), I was able to get the controller to work on USB mode but only while the LED was blinking as charging. After that I was felling the lag which comes from the bluetooth.

3. Bought an amazon Nyko wired controller for PS3. Worked perfect for a few days and then it went crazy. Signals were not sent always as the button was pressed and anyu other crazy stuff. I sent it back for a refund and I'm still thinking if I should buy another one (maybe that was a faulty one).

4. Tried about 4-5 wireless controller at my home. All have the same lag.

5. Called Sony. They made me reset to facotry default but nothing changed.

6. Hard format. Nothing changed.

Possible causes:

- I am thinkin that there may be a neighboor router which causes the inerfernce. But since I have 20-30 wifi signals no chance of solving this. Anyway my brother has 20-30 wifis as well in his area.

- Disabled bluetooth on my cell phones, took out comcast box and basically everything in my home that can emit a radio signal. Nothing changed.

- Tried about 3 routers on both wireless and wired connection for the PS. Nothing made a difference.

What is weird is that a few times I was getting a perfect response from the PS3 Wireless Controller. Once I played two matches with a guy and the first match was awesome, no lag from the controller. The first half of the second match worked perfect as well just to start getting the lag again sometime in the second half. And then it keept on having the lag.

Okay, this is driving me nuts. What is the problem. It is clear that something here in my apartment (living in the first floor) causes the interference.

Does anybody has a suggestion?

I was wondering if there is a way to disable the bluetooth inside the controller and then make sure that it will only work through the wired usb connection. I don't care if I break it and make it unuseful on wireless as long as it is woking on wired.


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Re: Ps3 Wireless Controller interference

Mar 31, 2011

Well for starters, dont necro pull old posts like you did in the other thread you posted in. We been getting alot of necro post pullers lately and you puling up any old thread is going to be looked apon by the mods as a bad thing. To help out its best if you read the old thread and if it has any relivance to your post here is best is you link that threadt in your message here so ppl can read the thread without having to necro pull it.

Now for your problem. If your house is filled with many devices that use bluetooth, you might be getting interfearence. As in you got to many things possably sharing the same spectrum that your controllers are using and this will result in the slower feedback. So its something in your house that is interfearing from what im reading. If you got cell phones that have bluetooth enabled, they might be interfearing, or just other things like other electronics causing interfearence.

In most cases it best to not have so many wireless items in the house running at the same time. The reason i have a good connection with my pc or my ps3 is because i have almost everything wired. as in i have wired keyboard, mouse, my ps3 is not using wireless for my network. I have a big long network cable hooked up to my router to cut down on any interfearence that might come up. The only thing i have that is curently using wireless on the bluetooth spectrum is my ps3 controlers, and for wifi, my ipad2 and my 2 psp's when i need a network connection.

See, going wireless is nice and all, but having it overcrouded with many devices does cause problems. And depending on how close you are to your neighbors you might be getting bleedover signals from them as well depending how close they are and how many items they have that are wireless. Also with routers, most wireless routers when shipped are perset to the basic frequency settings for all routers, if you want to help clear up and not get some interfearence from the neighbors, you might want to change the frequesncy in your wireless set up on your router (see your routers manuel on how to change). This way it helps tell your devices to bump up  to a difference frequency as to not be fighting with other routers near by.

Everyone has their own opinion. The people you interact with in a community come from all walks of life, many different religions and beliefs, different family income levels, different points of view on many of today's hot topics of discussion. In a nutshell, each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Discussion about it is the best thing to do, after all that's what communities are for. If it turns into some kind of sparring match, agree to disagree and move on.
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Re: Ps3 Wireless Controller interference

Jun 21, 2011

Hey! I have the same issue, I have yet to find a fix.

Here's what I tried:

New TV(LED/LCD/PLASMA) all same result
New controllers(plugged in while charging, plugged in while fully charged, unplugged) all same result

Different Internet - same result

Trying a different PSN Account(same result)

Nat Type 1 and 2(same result)

I also experience this on Fifa 11 AND Nhl 11(Both ea sports games) and I am really starting to wonder if this is just the game, but how could it be if millions of others don't have this problem?

If you do no not wish to tell me than it's fine but may I ask where you bought your copy of Fifa 11?

I purchased mine in North America, perhaps specifics will maybe lead us to know faulty games were sold at local store?

i'll be looking out on this thread for a response kakamaka7 and any others who may have this problem, it certainly is frustrating.


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Re: Ps3 Wireless Controller interference

Sep 30, 2013
I started to have the same issue on fifa 11 .I bought a new tv,new router,new controller and nothing I even upgraded my internet speed and nothing.I have spent over $2,000 dollars on trying to fix the problem but I just can't find a solution.I'm thinking of selling my 3 ps3's and going for an x box hopefully it works and I can finally enjoy fifa once again after 3 years of anoying controller lag.
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Re: Ps3 Wireless Controller interference

Sep 30, 2013

If you are having issues with your Dualshock/SixAxis controllers, see this page:


A common trick to fix controller issues is to ensure no other controllers or accessories are plugged in/turned such as wireless Blu-ray remotes which can sometimes throw off Dualshock/SixAxis controllers. Turn those off and see if your controller is still having issues. 




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