Oct 01 2013
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Pulse Elite Edition intermittent noise

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So I got the Pulse Elite Edition headset. It sounds great, but occasionally when there is a silence in a game or when I'm scrolling through an options menu, I'll hear a high pitched whining noise coming through the headset. The noise goes away once I hit a directional button and scoll to something else. It's very faint, but it's noticeably there. Does anyone know what this is, or why it's happening? Has this happened to you with your headset?

Example:  Even when I'm just scrolling through options in the XMB, that high pitched whine will become audible randomly when I stop on something.  Then, when I scroll to the song/friend/etc, it will go away.  It seems to react to faint noises like the ticking sound of scrolling through the XMB.


Also, I purchased a brand new Pulse Elite headset just to see if it would do the same thing, and it did.  What is going on?

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