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Sep 03 2013
By: B4-Hunter First Son 4 posts

Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition - No sound on PS3 ONLY!

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When I plug in the USB dongle from the headset to the PS3 it starts flashing blue and connect to my headset (it's shown in the upper right corner). My volume is almost at max and I can't hear anything from the PS3 system?


When I connect my USB dongle to the PC, all works like a charm, even when I connect my headphones to the 3,5 headphone cable straight to the tv I can hear everything.


Problem is ONLY on my PS3 system. It's working on any other device including other PS3's. Last time I had to format my HDD and reset my PS3 system to the factory settings. I can't repeat this since I have like 550 GB of data on the PS3 HDD.


I tried using SERVICE menu:

- Restore Default Settings

- Restore File System

- Rebuild Database

- System Update


The issue appears when I connect headphones to the other device then PS3 and connect it back. Is USB dongle is in PS3 all the time there is no problem. If someone found any way to FIX this issue please HELP!




Funny thing is that I can hear my self while using microphone test, but no sounds from PS3 get out of the speekers.

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