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Re: Official Platinum Trophy Leaderboard

Jul 9, 2012

chickenbonetom wrote:

Not seeing any Plat's on here for Skyrim feel free to add me as I just Plated Skyrim the other day. I don't know if anyone even still keeps track of this discussion anymore.

I need a date mate. This thread takes insane amounts of time to maintain; hence why so much looks a little in disrepair. I will add all these when I am not having long hours at work.

Cheers, brrnout

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Re: Official Platinum Trophy Leaderboard

Jul 24, 2012

Here's an update to a few more Platinums I've snagged these past couple of months:


Platinum #9

Game: Happy Feet Two

First trophy: May 15th @ 8:35 PM

Platinum achieved: June 1st @ 2:32 PM


Platinum #10

Game: Infamous 2

First trophy: June 6th @ 5:49 PM

Platinum achieved: June 18th @ 12:24 PM


Platinum #11

Game: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

First trophy: July 7th @ 5:29 PM

Platinum achieved: July 23rd @ 9:59 PM

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